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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Touchstone Energy®?

Touchstone Energy is a national alliance of local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives that are dedicated to providing high standards of service to customers large and small.

More than 700 Touchstone Energy cooperatives in 46 states deliver energy and energy solutions to more than 40 million customers every day.

Touchstone Energy cooperatives are local, active members of their communities dedicated to serving commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers with integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

Are all of North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives members of Touchstone Energy?

Nearly; 25 of the state’s 26 electric cooperatives are proud members of Touchstone Energy.

What is the difference between Touchstone Energy cooperatives and other energy providers?

For residential and business customers alike, only Touchstone Energy cooperatives can offer the advantages of a strong, local presence, plus the expertise and resources of a nationwide network of electric utility services. Touchstone Energy cooperatives operate according to the cooperative principles.

What is the meaning of the name ‘Touchstone Energy’?

A “touchstone” is a measure of quality and value. Touchstone Energy was selected as the most effective name for communicating the unique characteristics that convey the special nature of cooperatives. These include:

  • Strength and responsiveness through a local presence
  • A genuine commitment to the communities they serve
  • A human relationship orientation
  • Innovation and state-of-the-art technology
  • High-quality service with a true focus on customers

Why is Touchstone Energy important to business and residential customers?

Touchstone Energy cooperatives have made a commitment to provide reliable, customer-focused service to all customers, large and small. Touchstone Energy cooperatives have started innovative programs to better serve their customers— things like online energy audits, consolidated billing, energy management services and energy-efficient home programs.

Just what is an electric cooperative?

Electric cooperatives are private independent electric utility businesses established to provide electric service at cost. Electric cooperatives are owned by the consumers they serve and governed by a board of directors elected from the membership, which sets policies and procedures that are implemented by the cooperatives’ professional staff.

In addition to electric service, many electric co-ops are involved in community development and revitalization projects, e.g., small business development and jobs creation, improvement of water and sewer systems, and assistance in delivery of health care and educational services.

What makes an electric cooperative different?

Cooperatives are operated to provide at-cost electric service to their consumer-owners. A co-op’s net profit belongs to the individual consumer-owners of the co-op. The margins must either be used to improve or maintain operations or be distributed to the co-op’s consumer-owners.

Touchstone Energy cooperatives set high customer-focused standards to ensure their customers are getting the reliable, world-class service that only consumer-owned utilities can provide.

I already get my service from my local cooperative. Will Touchstone Energy change my service?

No. Your co-op still serves you and your local community with the most dependable, trustworthy service that you have come to rely on. Your co-op’s participation as a Touchstone Energy cooperative means that your co-op is associated with a nationwide network of other electric cooperatives that are dedicated to bringing added value and benefits to all members.

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