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Environmental Policy

The North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC), the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives (NCAEC) and the Tarheel Electric Membership Association Inc. (TEMA) will seek to achieve environmental excellence in the construction, operation, and maintenance of all facilities, promote environmental stewardship by employees, and assume a leadership role in environmental protection.

NCEMC, NCAEC, and TEMA, through their employees, will ensure that business activities incorporate environmental considerations and are guided by the following policies:

  1. Contribute to the protection and enhancement of the environment.
  2. Communicate environmental values to their employees and require employees to bring environmental issues to the attention of senior management.
  3. Comply with environmental permits, laws, and regulations in the conduct of business.
  4. Communicate to employees their accountability for environmental performance.
  5. Respond to accidents and emergencies to minimize the potential impact to the environment.
  6. Conduct periodic assessments of facilities, operations, and activities to ensure performance is consistent with the objective.
  7. Identify and seize opportunities to demonstrate environmental leadership to customers and the external community.
  8. Incorporate environmental planning in design, construction, and operating decisions.
  9. Work with environmental and other groups and governmental entities to improve effectiveness of environmental programs.
  10. Employ waste minimization and pollution prevention practices.
  11. Seek continuous improvement in all aspects of the commitment to the environment.
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