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About Electricity

Electricity is a vital resource North Carolinians depend on daily, but when used unsafely, the consequences can be costly and sometimes even deadly. Each year, improper electricity use and electrical problems cause nearly 52,000 home fires resulting in 450 deaths, 1,640 injuries and $1.2 billion in property damage, according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association. Additionally, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 400 people in the United States are electrocuted each year.

Many of these tragedies involve common items such as power outlets, appliances, power cords, power equipment and extension cords. Sadly, most of these deaths and injuries were preventable.

To help reduce electric safety casualties and injuries, North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives are dedicated to raising awareness of electric safety information to educate people of all ages on the dangers of electricity.                  

Start by better understanding how electricity powers your homes and businesses. Download “The Path of Electricity” [PDF] here.


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