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Youth Tour

Trust us — we know you want to be independent and free, but college is another year away. Weíve got just the thing for you, and mom and dad will love it because itís educational and wonít cost them a penny!

Itís called The Youth Tour, and itís an opportunity for you to go to Washington, D.C. with about 30 other rising seniors from all over North Carolina. When you get to D.C., youíll join 1,600 students from across the nation there for the same purpose Ė to visit the Smithsonian, Capitol Hill, Arlington National Cemetery and several memorials. Youíll learn about American history and the electric cooperative business model. Thatís pretty cool because itís your local electric cooperative, the company that provides the power to your home, thatíll be giving you the scholarship to go on the trip.

The bonus? This trip looks great on college applications, and youíll become friends with people that you never would have met otherwise. Find out more information about the trip from a national perspective at youthtour.coop, and if youíre interested in applying, use the ďFind Your Co-opĒ link in the box to the right to contact your sponsoring electric cooperative.

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